46009003_wSenga company is engaged in manufacturing, design, implementation, and trade of industrial automation, measurement equipment and systems, dedicated microprocessor systems, electronics, software, SCADA, BMS, RMS, and HMI and other software designed for process modeling and support.

The company brings together a group of engineers, graduates of prestigious technical universities, experts in the field of advanced metrology systems and industrial automation, digital signal processing, microprocessor technology and dedicated IT solutions.



In our history we have gained several years of experience in servicing large industrial plants especially in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical and food industries.
The uninterrupted work with universities, polytechnics, design offices of many industries, biotech companies and young companies with "business incubators".




Senga offers:

  • Design and implementation of specialized control systems for industrial processes.
  • Application implementation and control SCADA visualization, RMS, BMS and FMS.
  • Design and installation of data measurement and control in industrial environments.
  • Creating assumptions and synthesis software for PC systems.
  • Professional assistance in determining the design assumptions for the dedicated measuring systems and industrial automation.
  • Services for the design and construction of facilities dedicated to use in a particular control or metrological application
  • Realization of orders in the field of design and manufacturing of specialized electronic devices.




Senga in Japanese means "draw straight lines" or "follow straight to the goal."

According to that motto we solve our clients problems


We are a participant in programs



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